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Welcome to the updated Four Mile Markers website and new blog page! On this page you will find topics of interest, references, special offers etc. To begin with something about the Four Mile Markers name and logo:

Thanks to the creative work of Jordan Hanrahan, on receiving a brief of what we do and what our name represents, out came the bird’s eye view of four mile markers (posts), each with shadowing reflecting angles and direction of progress. Each post also displays a unique symbol, each one forming part of the next until a whole piece forms – A perfect alignment to the purpose of therapy in helping a person address a troubling aspects of their lives to facilitate their total wellbeing. As for the name, beyond being four structure supports, distance indicators or any other words you could give to mile markers, four can represent stages in growth and development, it could be the seasons, it could be north, east, south, west or earth, air, fire and water. The number four is significant to many areas.




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