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Holistic Healing


Our Practitioner

Joanne Quatre-Bornes

Joanne is current qualified in counselling, hypno-psychotherapy and a practitioner in Reiki, The Liquid Crystals and Access Consciousness-Bars.

Her experience includes but is not limited to working with mental health issues, weight management, life skills, relationship therapy and anger management.

Joanne works with adolescence and adults.


“A good therapist will apply the use of theory principles and approaches to facilitate your best outcome in a supportive way; always focused on your needs, desired outcome and time frame. Yes, that is what I do!

From the very first session, the foundation of your therapy engagement will be discussed to achieve your ideal outcome. The approach is always client directed.

With a unique integrative approach and evidence-based processes I help facilitates the results you desire.”

Published author of People Can’t Make You Feel Anything

People Can’t Make You Feel Anything is a truth that empowers you to take back your personal power. This book will help you on a journey of self-discovery and strength in taking back your controllable forces, a guide to self-empowerment. The book contains useful concepts to facilitate your self-control and personal development that can be adapted to various circumstances.

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The past is to learn, the present is to accept or change and the future is to prepare for.

All practitioners are qualified and current members of professional associations.