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Weight Control

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Four Mile Markers offer weight loss and weight control programs. Our weight loss technique works on the psychological and practical aspects to managing and maintaining your ideal weight, shape and size.

When we consider the parts of the Triune brain; the reptilian/survival system, the Limbic/emotional system and the Neocortex/thinking system; achieving the ideal weight, shape and size requires the three part to work together.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most unique and effective methods of allowing the brain to function correctly to successfully achieve and maintain desirable results quickly and safely.

As obesity is a real concern in the community and the potential negative impact on health, particularity with the increasing rate of Type 2 Diabetes and blood pressure, it’s no wonder there are so many weight loss products on the market.

Although we do not offer supplements and exercise programs, what we do offer is the virtual gastric band technique to kick start your weight loss. The program works and there have been a number of press releases about its success, (note the significantly lower cost compared to the actual surgical procedure with none of the complication of surgery).  The virtual gastric band we offer via hypnotherapy is more than just having the band implanted, we also work with the whole brain to ensure permanent and lasting change. After all being your ideal weight, shape and size is a life and lifestyle choice that enhances your total wellbeing.

Whether you want to lose a lot or a little, contact us to discuss the best program option to meet your needs. Email us at or Phone us on 0447 845 880 for a confidential discussion.