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Holistic Healing


Four Mile Markers provides therapeutic support, when you it and as you need it.

Sometime the road of life presents challenges, hiccups and hurdles that we may not be able to move through on our own.

Therapy with Four Mile Markers facilitates help and support for you to overcoming difficulties in an unbiased and non-judgemental way.

You’re never too young or too old to find out what works for you and for that very reason you can rest assured that reaching out for a helping hand is important and in your best interest.

All modalities facilitate the fulfilment of individual needs and wants, for true empowerment, health and wellbeing, with honesty and integrity in a warm comfortable setting.

Our name and logo represents four sign posts, a bird’s eye view of Four Mile Markers, with a shadow reflecting the direction of progress. Each mile marker displays a unique symbol which comes together to form a whole– A way to highlight the purpose of therapy in helping to address a troubling part which then leads to total wellbeing.

Four Mile Markers is here to provide counselling, hypnotherapy and metaphysical therapies for all stages of growth and development, assisting with direction and helping you build on your strengths.

With all our sessions, you are provided with tools and techniques that extend beyond the session, ensuring the best result in a timely way and empowering you with the skills needed to continue to build on your enhanced wellbeing in long term-life skills.

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The Purpose of Therapy

Seeing A Therapist May Benefit You