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Cleansing and Releasing

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Therapy in the state of hypnosis is carried out in the context of counselling/psychotherapy. You are guided into a relaxed state where you can explore issues at the subconscious level. You are always in control and, in fact, you can only be ‘hypnotised’ if you are willing. You are often aware of what occurs in the trance state the entire time, as being in trance or under hypnosis is more like daydreaming (not being asleep). Hypnosis is an altered state of usual consciousness that is a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is very real with a long researched history.

Hypnotherapy is a safe process to achieve a resolution to a situation, habit, feeling, emotion or other problem currently impacting your ability to function at what is best for you. All is stored at the subconscious level for you to access in the relaxed state.

The therapy has proven effectiveness and in many cases working at the subconscious level can result in the change occurring in a short space of time.

Hypnotherapy provides the space for you to openly explore issues and your interpretation in a confidential, safe and comfortable setting.

Specific packages for weight loss, exam stress and quit smoking are available.

Contact me to discuss the available packages, to book your appointment or to discuss needs that are specific to your personal situation. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully assisting you in the near future.

    • Weight loss
    • Anxiety
    • Habit Change
    • Core Beliefs
    • Relaxation
    • Depression
    • Hypno-Psychotherapy

As a brief taste of what hypnotherapy may be like:
Download my free sample recording below.

"Cleansing and Releasing"

Free Hypnotherapy Recording Download

This hypnotherapy recording is designed to clear negativity held within the body.

Length: 18:17, File-size: 25.7 MB, Format: MP3 192kbps

Below is a picture of the recliner most people choose to use for their session of hypnotherapy at the Four Mile Markers Therapy Centre.