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Holistic Healing


Honouring Life

Mental, emotional and physical wellbeing matters especially during the final stage of life for everyone involved.

At any age, quality of life is important and not to be ignored. Honouring life and living life to the best of your ability often holds greater value as we approach the final stages.

Facing the end of human life for many, maybe one of the most confronting life experiences which, at some stage is inevitable, and we will all go through it, a final transition that we cannot avoid. Speaking about death and dying seems to be just as confronting for many people and is often avoided and the costs and personal regrets can be significant.

Whether you are experiencing mortality for yourself or someone else, I offer a specialised service to support you through the entire journey as you feel you may need it or want it. It’s at these times when it can be most beneficial to have an external person, trained in end-of-life processes alongside you, supporting, guiding and caring every step of the way.

“As a trained End-of-Life doula, I strengthen you with a sincere approach to facilitate a natural journey with what matters most to you”

Contact me today to discuss the specific needs for yourself or your loved one and discuss how I may be able to help.

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