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Energy Fields

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

About the universal laws; the law of attraction, the law of manifestation, karma-cause and effect, the law of success, the secret…as you can see the list continues and with so many titles and just as many theories.

So what is important? Firstly understand that the universe is vast and exceeds what the eye can see, every action has a reaction in an energetic exchange. Sure some forces we can see (physical impact/motion), some we feel (the force of a gust of wind), some can be measured (electromagnetic/MRI) and some are known (the force of gravity).

With any interaction there is an exchange of sorts, in tuning into or raising your awareness, you begin to tap into the energy field. In your own self-awareness you harness your own unlimited possibilities. How? By rewiring the brain, remapping or creating new pathways to your usual processing, in essence changing your conditions to something more desirable.

When you want to be more assertive, you no longer shy away. When you want to be more positive you no longer focus on the negative.  When you want more success, you take up opportunities.

There is so much to creating what you want, but the process is relatively simple. We offer a number of different methods to suit individual needs, contact us today to assist in creating a better tomorrow, starting right now.

Stress and Anxiety

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Dealing with stress and anxiety is most common in today’s society. Mild stress and anxiety is normal, the bodies usual fight or flight response, however, recognise when stress and anxiety overwhelms you and take action to ease the sensations.

  1. Notice if your sleeping well, eating well, functioning as usual; if you aren’t what are the triggers?
  2. In a stressful or anxious moment, take in deep slow breaths and slowly breathe out each time, then choose what the best next step that relieves your sense of overwhelm.
  3. Seek out relaxation, stress and anxiety management therapies, find what works for you. Take some time each day to do something you enjoy, it may be physical activity or something that is calming, or thought distracting to your mind.

Research shows that the simple process of meditation can reduce stress and the act of being fully present reduces anxiety. There’s no need to become a zen master, meditation can be brief and simple. Be present and be aware of your thoughts, try not to cloud your judgment by getting caught up in the past or by anticipating the future, focusing on negative aspects reinforces the panic or overwhelm.

There are many technique to manage stress and anxiety including medication. As a therapist I provide non medication approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, self-mind management skills and physical process to help overcome the burdens of stressors and anxiousness.


Friday, May 8th, 2015

Welcome to the updated Four Mile Markers website and new blog page! On this page you will find topics of interest, references, special offers etc. To begin with something about the Four Mile Markers name and logo:

Thanks to the creative work of Jordan Hanrahan, on receiving a brief of what we do and what our name represents, out came the bird’s eye view of four mile markers (posts), each with shadowing reflecting angles and direction of progress. Each post also displays a unique symbol, each one forming part of the next until a whole piece forms – A perfect alignment to the purpose of therapy in helping a person address a troubling aspects of their lives to facilitate their total wellbeing. As for the name, beyond being four structure supports, distance indicators or any other words you could give to mile markers, four can represent stages in growth and development, it could be the seasons, it could be north, east, south, west or earth, air, fire and water. The number four is significant to many areas.