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Holistic Healing


The Liquid Crystals

The Liquid Crystals is the modern form of holistic healing with crystals giving us the opportunity to work with minerals from ancient Altantian times.  The liquid crystals offer the balance of Love, Power and Wisdom uniting us in mind, body and soul to all that is; oneness.

At the rate that we are currently evolving, the time is right to engage in this powerful growth modality.

Working with the liquid crystals offers a pathway to ascension, the Tree of Life; a carbon/silicon connection from molecular structure; connection to light gridlines of earth; Aligning with our 7 physical Chakras (Crown/Knowing, Third Eye/Awakening, Throat/Expressing, Heart/Allowing, Solar Plexus/Trusting, Sacral/Living, Base/Grounding) and delivering purpose, empowerment and wellbeing.

Unlike a physical crystal piece that holds the vibration of one specific location, the Liquid Crystals are a form of energetic medicine from multiple crystals located around the world and united as one powerful source.

The 77 crystals are a combination of Planetary, Solar, Lunar and Universal energies following the laws of alchemy and incorporating sacred geometry. A powerful tool of Pleiadian, Lemurian and Atlantian processes to spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of self that can be healed and developed; replicating our internal geometry to good health.

The Liquid Crystals can facilitate wellness in so many ways.

Contact us at to aid in your journey with the dynamic nature of healing that is the liquid crystals.

Many thanks to Justin Moikeha Asar for making The Liquid Crystals available to us.

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