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Have you ever heard of or been asked to take a self-inventory? Taking a self-inventory is to measure yourself in different aspects of your life and your wellbeing as a whole person. We all have strengths and weakness which can change throughout our lives; steering us one way or another.

Often we separate ourselves into roles; who we are at work, at play, as a parent, child, sibling etc. Does your role reflect who you truly are as a person? What happens when your role changes? Who you were at the age of 7, a child then a teen to an adult? There are obvious differences when you look at behaviours and development stages, but is there some part that never changed? Grew stronger? Have you always displayed or been driven by a particular trait?

Taking a self-inventory can help you in identifying who you are as an individual rather than a part or role you identify yourself with. It can be used to evaluate how connected you are to the world outside of yourself.

Yes, we all have a soul, an essence of who we really are and it is our soul connects our heart, to our mind, to our body. Although we can’t all see what a soul actually is, but it is the key player that drives our purpose for living, regulates our ethics, creates our ideas, inspires our action and connects us all on a whole other level…. We are a soul expressed in human form, the essence of who we are a person.

Being spiritual isn’t about being religious, however in the process of self-reflection; whether that be journal writing, personality tests or other method of establishing who you are as a person with understanding. You can discover your belief system, what drives you to live the life you choose to live, your relationship with others and most importantly knowing yourself.

Governed by our Soul, A good head and A good heart…..Always a good combination!

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