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Seeing A Therapist May Benefit You

We all experience time of stress, sadness, grief and conflict, yet those in distress may be suffering needlessly and make the problem worse by avoiding professional help. “The earlier someone gets help, the easier it is to get through the problem,” says psychologist Daniel J. Reidenberg.

As it can be hard to know if it’s time to see a professional and studies have shown that those who would benefit from some therapeutic intervention are not seeking it enough.

Therapy is often avoided because of the stigma of attached to it and the assumption of weakness. Weakness is far from the truth, in fact engaging in therapy is a sign of strength in character, a willingness to have support and motivation to better wellbeing.

Therapy is about life and how difficult and challenging situations can be. Therapy helps work through issues, provided skills and techniques to help with stressors, blocks and improving for a better way of life.

Here are some signs that it may be time to see a therapist:

  1. Therapy may benefit you when; Everything you feel is intense, more intense than it has in the past or more often than it has in the past. The intensity impairs your ability to think clearly, act rationally and function is your usual way.

Key factors: overwhelm, overly emotional, excessive worry, focusing on the worst case scenario, panic, avoiding or withdrawing.


  1. Therapy may benefit you when; If you’ve suffered a trauma and you can’t seem to stop thinking about it, thoughts and feeling not going away or lessening over time, extreme behaviours or actions, disturbed sleep.

Key factor: the situation Feeling like a broken record and on constant replay.


  1. Therapy may benefit you when; You experience unexplained, reoccurring headaches, stomach-aches or lowered immunity.

Research confirms that mental and emotional problems can manifest itself in the form of a wide range of physical ailments, from upset stomach to headaches, frequent colds, changes to your usual libido, tics and twitches.

Key factors; illness, aches and pains that are not attributed to a medical condition


  1. Therapy may benefit you when; If you’re using a substance to escape, minimise issues or feel better.

Increasing your usual alcohol or drug quality or regularity, even thinking about drinking or drugs more often; these could be signs that you’re hoping to numb feelings that should be addressed.

Key factors; Using alcohol, drugs or action to relieve your suffering and comfort eating.


  1. Therapy may benefit you when; You are unable to do, act or be your usual self at work or socially

Changes in work performance are common among those struggling with emotional or psychological issues. You might feel disconnected from your job, the things that used to make you happy

Key factors; changes in concentration, attention, quality of work or motivation to carry on.


  1. Therapy may benefit you when; You feel disconnected from previously beloved activities

If you no longer feel pleasure in your usual activities, feel alienated from friends and family, struggling to find a purpose and a continuing sense of being unhappy.

Key factors; isolation, disillusionment, lacking drive, a sense of being lost.


  1. Therapy may benefit you when; Your relationships are strained

You are having trouble identifying and communicating how you really feel. Family and friends raised concerns and you are unable to find a resolution.

Key factors; others noticing that you seem ‘out of sorts’ or behaving differently.

Impacted by these aspects?

One or many of these 7 areas may all be a sign that it may be a good time to set up an appointment with a qualified therapist.  Please ensure you discuss your therapy options to ensure the best outcome. The goal of our therapy is to empower you effectively and efficiently, in a customised way. Our therapy is not a blanket ‘one size fits all’ approach and we will tailor sessions to meet your specific needs.

Contact us at your earliest convenience for an appointment via mobile 0447 845 880, email or go to our contact page on this website. We are happy to help.

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