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Holistic Healing


Id, Ego and SuperEgo

What forms our personalities? The Id, The Ego and The SuperEgo.

The human psyche is made up of all three parts forming a whole; who we are in terms of how we think, feel act and react; our personalities.



Our innate self can be viewed as our biological drive to gain satisfaction and avoid pain, our instinct that is not governed by reason or logic. Most likely it is our id that causes us to make questionable decisions; to satisfy a need without any consideration for consequences.


The logical, reasonable part of us that allow us to coexist and live day to day is the ego. The ego makes choices, plans for the future; calculating and considering consequences for decisions. The ego could be viewed as long term well-being safety regulator.


Then there is the SuperEgo, the part of us as a whole, that is formed through interaction with others. Our superego develops from our learned sense of right and wrong; our values and beliefs.


All three parts the Id, Ego and SuperEgo in alignment enhances a person as whole being, misaligned with any of these parts over powering the other, problems arise.  Often a conflict between how you see yourself, how others see you and what you actually desire may present. Hence consideration to the creation of unconscious motivations and defence mechanisms that manifest in life and need to be addressed.

What can help with understanding the three aspects of personality, how they are structured and formed? Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies with an exploration of experiences in developmental stages of life.


 “We can help empower people to make better choices with understanding”

ID=Innate Self , EGO=Self , SUPER EGO=Higher Self at play Consciously or unconsciously


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