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Grief and Loss

To lose someone or something meaningful in your life can be complex and challenging. Grieving your loss in important.How you express grief in an individual process and so here I provide you with a brief summary of the Stages of Grief and Loss, which may help in your own understanding.

Yes there are stages of grief but they are by no means standard and structured. Nor can a specific time frame be placed on mourning your loss.

Shock – Disbelief that the loss has occurred and unable to fully comprehend what has happened. Feeling numb.

Denial – Believing a loss hasn’t occurred; You may even find thinking “this isn’t really happening” or “maybe I’m dreaming”

Emotional, psychological and physical symptoms – You may be saddened, relieved, shed tears, be unable to eat, develop a sense of hopelessness, become tired

Guilt – You may wonder what you could have done, did you spend enough quality time with them

Anger – It is reasonable to be angered by your loss

Idealisation – Wondering what could have been, putting them on a pedestal and forgetting their faults

Acceptance, Readjustment and Personal growth – Occurs when life goes despite your loss, being able to move forward and experience a new way.


Grief and loss can be complicated when expected, when there has been a sense of closure or when the loss is sudden or traumatic. Therapy can aid in working through the process and helping with the adjustment required in a supportive, safe and open environment.



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