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Educational Performance Program (EPP)

The Educational Performance Program abbreviated to EPP, is a student’s self-mind management technique of focus attention to maximise their academic performance.

We know the pressures of academic success and no one wants to fail, so this three part program helps students achieve the best outcome from their studies and performance on exam day. The program is primarily centred on minimising exam stress and gaining the most from their studies.

The pressure of the results of tests and exams in shaping a student’s future, can be disabling and have a negative impact on performance, motivation and confidence; what the Educational Performance Program (EPP) does, is strengthen a student’s ability.

We all at some stage may have experience mental blanks or clouded thoughts, and the last thing we want is to experience that at a critical moment!

It is important to note that poor academic performance can also be attributed to a sense of apathy, depression, anxiety and behavioural issues in students, all of which can be improved with this program.

In offering the Educational Performance Program, students are taught simple and direct processes to eliminate non supporting thoughts, actions and emotions that limit their best chance at success. In turn, helping a student’s wellbeing with a strong sense of themselves.

In the UK school and educational establishments, Sheila Granger designed and introduced this step-by-step, tried-and-tested process, to help students build resilience to stress, think more positively and perform at their best when it matters most. I am proudly offering this in Australia.

The Educational Performance Program (EPP) will not only support students in managing stress, it also facilitates the mental strength required for the rest of their lives and provides tools and techniques that supports good mental health long term.

This program is offered as 3 x One hour sessions over three weeks to individuals or small groups.

Contact us at for further information or a tailored program for your specific needs. Certified EPP practitioner.


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