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About Trauma

By definition trauma is an extremely distressing experience. Trauma can be physical, mental and/or emotional and can quickly impact all three aspects of a person’s wellbeing.

One of the misconceptions of trauma is that it is a once off dramatic event that has a long lasting impact. Of course a specific event could traumatic, however so can a minor, seemingly insignificant experience that occurs repeatedly over a period of time.

Being labelled or being judged, early life events that where not addressed in the ideal manner, or trying to conform to a preconceived notion; all may form a pattern or behaviour that could be experienced as a traumatic experience or crisis later in life.  A repeated ‘minor’ or ‘innocent’ disturbance or conditioning can merge and escalate to an intolerable state.

A traumatic event could occur naturally, accidently, medically, developmentally or as a result of emotional and relationship problems.

Then there is PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This is often referenced when referring to extreme events, such as a victim of war or abuse, however PTSD could also extend to persons that were supporting or indirectly exposed to trauma. A simple example is, a child that is impacted from the trauma of a divorce or remarriage (good or bad, a divorce or remarriage is a change from what previously familiar).

All personal crisis big or small, present a danger and an opportunity, that may take affect at any stage in life. Whether by perceived or direct experience, the response to trauma may also vary from individual to individual. Some may battle with depression, other may develop compulsions, others may lose the ability to think rationally or succumb to substance use (drugs and alcohol). It is important to capture the maladaptive and create a better prospect.

Think about a dripping tap, the first few drops may be insignificant however by the hundredth drop the significants in more evident.

No event that is destressing for you should be ignored or deemed insignificant. Be aware of your experiences, destructive beliefs and be prepared work through what may be causing you harm or having a negative impact on your quality of life. Early intervention may be the key; however, it is never too late.

Take care.

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