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Cleansing and Releasing

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Therapeutic services through the ages; you’re never too young or too old to find out what works for you. All modalities facilitate the fulfilment of individual needs and wants, for true empowerment, health and wellbeing, with honesty and integrity.

Are you suffering from stress, depression, anxiety?

This is common in today’s society. To start with, the process of simply relaxing can make all the difference. From there you can find what really works for you to eliminate the overwhelm, lift the cloud of despair and live freely.

Is motivation or procrastination preventing your success?

Counselling and hypnotherapy can help get to the source of the issues and fix it for good! Work on what drives you, how to enhance your performance and to set and commit to goals.

Struggling with your weight? Overweight or underweight?

Physical appearance is not everything but your weight can be a barrier to being your true self. Our weight management program can help you achieve a healthy manageable weight that’s just right for you. We work on all aspects of weight, including the mental and emotional.

Non surgical weight loss available:  The Virtual Gastric Band.

Are you interested in being a better you?

Whether its relationships, conflict, control, lack of understanding, feeling trapped, lifestyle choices, wanting change, sick and tired or just wanting more than you’re currently experiencing. Together we can explore what is happening for you and build on the future you desire. With an open mind anything is possible.

Four Mile Markers represents unique, key milestones on the individual journey. In session, you are provided with tools and techniques that extend beyond the session, ensuring the best result in a timely way and empowering you with the skills needed to continue to build on your enhanced wellbeing.

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"Cleansing and Releasing"

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This hypnotherapy recording is designed to clear negativity held within the body.

Length: 18:17, File-size: 25.7 MB, Format: MP3 192kbps